Commercial Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Checklist

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    Commercial garage doors are commonly used in the industry business for storing heavy-loaded trucks and other large equipment.

    It demands a lot more attention than residential garage doors since it is way bigger and must withstand heavy-duty operations on a daily basis.

    As an owner of a commercial garage door, it is important for you to maintain its structure and durability by having a maintenance plan.

    A Commercial garage door preventive maintenance checklist will save you from going through time-consuming and costly garage door repairs.

    Preserving a commercial garage door to its robust state may look confusing and difficult to do, but we, the Sooner Garage Doors, will guide you in every step of this checklist.

    Read the following topics and for more comprehensive details, you may call us anytime, here in Oklahoma City.

    Check for early signs of damages

    Like any other equipment, the mechanical components of a garage door tend to wear out in a matter of time.

    You can determine signs of breakage by looking over the garage door visually.

    Observe the parts such as springs, rollers, tracks, cables, and hangers if there are signs of corrosion, cracks, or sagging.

    Next is to check if the door is balanced because a disproportionate garage door means there is an unnecessary pressure coming from the opener.

    To put your door into a balance test, disconnect the garage door from its opener first then carefully lift the door halfway.

    The door is off balance when it suddenly crashes down.

    You need to call a garage door expert to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

    Wash and Repaint the Garage Door

    Maintain the appeal of your commercial door by regularly washing it.

    A clean garage door will preserve its value and decrease chances of rusting.

    When washing your garage door, make sure to not only wipe the panels but also include the inner parts like tracks, rollers, and springs.

    Dust off the small debris as well for they may cause dents or loud noises.

    Moreover, you should use a mild detergent and rags or brush with soft bristles in removing the stains from the panels and windows to avoid permanent scratches.

    In case the panels already have dentures and scratches, you may repaint the door’s facade using the appropriate product.

    Make sure to put a base first then apply the second and final coating as you paint.

    If you have no idea what kind of paint product to use, you may contact us so we can give you advice on that matter.

    In addition, washing a garage door must be done every 3 to 4 months to really prevent further damages.

    Test the Garage Door Opener and Change the Batteries

    Most commercial garage doors have an automatic opener since it is heavier and taller.

    Considering its weight and height, it would be a huge hassle when the opener suddenly breaks.

    To prevent this from happening, you must maintain the opener into its good condition.

    Every two years, replace the batteries of your garage door’s remote control.

    Thus, you must always have backup batteries and make certain that these batteries are working.

    Another tip is to change the frequencies of the remote from time to time in order to steer clear of any possible interference.

    Apply lubrication on the moving parts

    The lubricant contains “oil” or “grease” that minimizes frictions from the moving parts of a garage door.

    This chemical component must be applied on the tracks, rollers, hinges, and pulleys.

    Doing this step will eliminate potential mechanical impairments and friction noises.

    Just remember to use a high quality product such as WD-40.

    Moreover, make sure to pour a slight amount of product on the said parts and use a non-absorbent cloth when lubricating.

    Schedule an appointment with a garage door expert in Oklahoma City

    In case you have discovered damages on your rolling steel doors, do not attempt to fix it by yourself.

    Your safety should always be your first priority so do not try opening it when there is already a problem.

    On this preventive maintenance checklist, the most essential step is to know when to contact qualified garage door technicians.

    Here in Oklahoma City, we have technicians in Sooner Garage Doors who may help you out with your garage door problems.

    We can perform troubleshooting to assess occurring or potential garage door issues.

    And we can do garage door repairs right away when the damage is assessed.

    Just call us at your convenience for we are open 24/7!

    And we assure you that your Commercial Garage Doors will always be good as new.

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