Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

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    Most types of garage doors utilize rollers for smooth movement and travel in the tracks.

    As such, the rollers in the panel sides are one of the most important parts of the mechanism.

    Severe damage to one roller can affect the entire function of the doors.

    Imagine having to provide extra support to the traveling doors because the damaged roller lags the entire panel.

    Another problem you may encounter is having a garage roller door getting stuck easily.

    Door rollers move around frequently in the mechanism of your garage doors.

    It is subject to a lot of wear and damage from helping glide the heavy material upwards and downwards.

    Moreover, as the roller slides along the tracks, it carries everything in its path.

    Over time, these things like dirt slowly collect and affect the condition of the roller parts.

    When it’s time to decide on replacing the rollers, consider it an investment for your garage.

    We are here to provide you with professional garage door repair in Oklahoma City for your rollers.

    There isn’t any issue with any type of roller we haven’t encountered.

    Our expertise in providing efficient and durable repairs is one of the things we take pride in.

    We are Sooner Garage Doors, and we are in town to give you the best service you will ever need.

    If the rollers are brand new, and you recently just booked for their replacement, it may cause distress for you.

    Don’t worry; it’s best to inspect and find out the explanation as to why this happens even to new roller replacements.

    Debris build-up

    The first reason your roller gets stuck is because of dirt build-up in the parts of the roller.

    As the roller travels up and down daily, expect it to carry and stick dirt from the tracks.

    Without the proper cleaning schedule of the rollers, debris like hair and fine dirt can thicken around the wheels.

    Even worse, this build-up dirt can block the wheel and prevent the door panels from moving properly.

    With this issue, you only need to clean the roller carefully and thoroughly for a smoother movement.

    Lack of lubrication

    Since the roller is a moving part of the mechanism, a lubricant will help unstuck it.

    The proper lubricating product provides an easier spin of the wheels in the tracks.

    Usually, lubrication is part of the tune-up service available from professionals in the business.

    If you want to make your roller smoother in movement, don’t forget to book an appointment.

    Experts know which product is suitable for the type of rollers that are in your tracks.

    Track alignment issues

    Sometimes the rollers aren’t the cause of the issue.

    Other external factors like the connecting parts in the system cause the garage roller door getting stuck.

    Inspect the tracks on the sides of the frame and verify if there are damages.

    Sometimes, wedges and damages in the track force the roller to stay in position and prevent your doors from traveling.

    When this happens, repair the wedge in the track by booking a garage door repair in Oklahoma City.

    Cold temperature

    There are many things we can’t control that affect the garage.

    The temperature can contribute to the cause of your garage roller door getting stuck.

    Colder temperatures can freeze the roller, making these parts stay immobile.

    When this happens, there’s nothing much you can do except check if your garage is weatherproof.

    Check the weatherstrip to prevent the cold from entering the garage and making parts of the mechanism difficult to use.

    Call our team for a roller repair and replacement in Oklahoma City!

    We are Sooner Garage Doors, and we are available in the beautiful city of Oklahoma.

    Our team is present and available to provide professional services to all garage door owners.

    We offer residential and commercial repairs for all types of rollers in the market.

    We provide durable repairs for you, so you don’t  experience your garage roller door getting stuck frequently.

    We assure only 100% expertise and efficiency in our repairs.

    Moreover, we give you our garage door installation in Oklahoma City for brand new rollers.

    We are always available at any time.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries and questions.

    Please give us a call!

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