How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

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    Automatic garage door operators are one of the greatest inventions for garage owners.

    With this equipment, they can save time opening and closing their garage doors.

    Moreover, they don’t have to get out of their cars especially during unpleasant weather to operate their doors.

    Regardless of this, automatic garage door owners should learn how to open garage doors manually from outside.

    This knowledge will come in handy during a power interruption when you cannot use your garage door operator.

    You will also have to open your garage door manually if your garage door opener malfunctions.

    In that event, call Sooner Garage Doors for a prompt and urgent garage door repair in Oklahoma City.

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    Steps To Operate Your Garage Door Manually From Outside

    Power outage and broken garage door opener motor can prompt you to open your garage door manually.

    Relative to using the automatic opener, opening your garage door by hand can be inconvenient.

    However, it’s a simple task that you can accomplish within minutes.

    Without further ado, here are the steps to open your garage door manually from outside.

    Step 1: Keep the garage door in a closed position

    By default, your garage door will be in a down position if you’re outside your garage when a blackout happens.

    Given this, you don’t have to move your door anymore and keep it closed.

    The reason for this is that it’s dangerous to manually operate your door if it’s already open.

    In case you have broken springs, your garage door will abruptly crash down upon disengaging the opener.

    Hence, making sure that the door is completely closed is the first step in safely opening your garage door manually.

    Step 2: Find the emergency release lock

    The emergency release lock is your way to disconnect the opener from the outside.

    Therefore, you have to locate this first.

    This lock is usually placed on the top center of the door.

    Using the correct key, unlock the emergency release lock and pull out the lock cylinder.

    This cylinder is connected to the garage door opener.

    Thus, pulling it will also pull the emergency release cord and put your garage door in manual operation.

    Step 3: Unlock your garage door

    After disengaging the automatic door opener from your garage door, you should now unlock the door.

    You can find this door lock below the emergency release lock.

    Simply insert the right key and turn the handle so that it’s in a vertical position.

    Step 4: Raise the garage door manually

    Next to unlocking your door, you must now lift your door using your hand.

    This should be easy if you’ve performed Step 2 correctly.

    You should raise your garage door until it’s completely and securely open.

    This is to prevent your door from closing down when you’re already moving your car into your garage.

    Step 5: Close your door

    After parking your car inside your garage, don’t forget to close your garage door afterward for obvious security reasons.

    How To Reconnect Your Garage Door Opener

    When the power comes back, you would want to go back to operating your garage door with the opener.

    Follow this guide to re-engage the automatic opener to your garage door.

    1. Make sure that your garage door is in a closed position.
    2. Plug the garage door opener into a power source.
    3. If you have an automatic trolley, use the remote to reconnect the door opener.

    Press the button to close the door and the opener should re-engage shortly.

    The trolley should move and connect to the arm of your garage door.

    1. On the other hand, if you don’t have an automatic opener, pull the emergency release cord in the direction of the door.

    A click should indicate that the garage door opener is connected back to your door.

    1. After this, manually connect the trolley to the arm of the door.
    2. Test if your garage door opener is working properly.

    If you have a damaged garage door, we do not recommend that you reconnect and use your garage door.

    Rather, you should contact Sooner Garage Doors for immediate garage door repair in Oklahoma City.

    Call us now, and let our team fix your garage door for you.

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