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    If you own a garage door, it is crucial to follow a garage door maintenance checklist to ensure that your garage door meets its expected lifespan.

    Usually, garage doors last for about 15-30 years, but that depends on how well you maintain them, especially their integral parts.

    So that you could have an idea about a garage door maintenance checklist, Sooner Garage Doors will present some essential procedures to ensure that your garage door is in its top condition.

    Visual Inspection

    Probably, the easiest way to know if your garage door has a problem is through a visual inspection.

    However, it could be a little tricky if you don’t know what to look for.

    Thus, it is best to leave the visual inspection to professional garage door technicians.

    That way, you can pinpoint the exact issue, then ask them to fix the detected problem right away.

    But as the garage door owner, you can also find some faults by checking these things on the garage door components:

    • Rollers – check if they are not rotating when the garage door opens or closes.
    • Tracks – the tracks can accumulate debris over time, so clean them as much as possible.
    • Cables – look for kinking or fraying since they are signs of damage.
    • Cable Drums – check cracks.
    • Bearings – inspect for wear and tear, damages, and bending.
    • Springs – check gaps, rusting, and bending.
    • Weather seal – garage doors have a weather seal to prevent wind or objects from entering the garage. Look for signs of dry rot and other damages.
    • Garage door surface – for aluminum and steel garage doors, find dents. Meanwhile, for wooden garage doors, check termite attacks.

    These are just some of the issues for a garage door.

    Whenever you see these, don’t hesitate to contact Sooner Garage Doors.

    Our garage door repair in Oklahoma City can assess and fix garage doors at your most convenient time.

    Also, our garage door installation in Oklahoma City can provide high-quality garage door components to replace your old or broken parts.

    Test Components

    After looking for signs of damage or deterioration, you can also test your garage door if its mechanism works well.

    Here are some testing methods you can do:

    • Test garage door balance 

    An uneven garage door is a sign of damaged springs, snapped cables, or a malfunctioning opener.

    • Examine garage door sensors

    The garage door sensors prevent accidents and property damages.

    Try putting an obstruction under the garage door and test if the garage door will reverse its motion.

    • Inspect the responsiveness of the garage door remote device 

    The opener and its remote device must respond according to the programmed function.

    If the garage door does not respond well, there’s a possible problem with the settings or the frequency.

    • Test the limits of the garage door

    When there are small gaps between the garage door and the floor, or it won’t open all the way, then there could be a problem with the opener’s limit switch.

    You can try adjusting the limit switch by following the guide manual, or you can ask for help from Sooner Garage Doors.

    • Assess the insulation

    Nowadays, garage doors have an insulation feature, which depends on their R-value.

    Once you notice that your electric bill is not decreasing even though you have an insulated garage door, and then ask an expert to assess the insulation.

    Apply Treatment

    Garage doors and their parts require some treatments to extend their lifespan or enhance their appearance.

    Here are some garage door maintenance treatments you should do:

    • Apply lubrication on moving parts and hinges

    Rollers, springs, tracks, and hinges require lubrication at least every six months.

    Apply a silicone-based lubricant to lessen the friction between two surfaces.

    • Tighten loose parts

    Through time, some parts, especially the hinges and brackets, may become loose because of vibrations.

    So, you need to tighten loose parts whenever necessary.

    • Repaint

    Sometimes, there could be marks on the garage door surface.

    You can reapply paints to cover these marks and to avoid decreasing your home’s curb appeal.

    • Apply some treatment on wooden garage doors

    Wooden garage doors require specific treatments to prevent termite attacks.

    First, make sure to clean the surface from time to time, then you can apply a weather-resistant finish, such as paint, varnish, or any film finish.

    Reliable Garage Door Technicians in Oklahoma City

    The garage door maintenance checklist above is your responsibility as a garage door owner.

    However, if you want to avoid the hassle, you can always rely on garage door technicians.

    Here at Sooner Garage Doors, we provide garage door installation and garage door repair in Oklahoma City.

    We are also the leading service provider who can conduct comprehensive and detailed garage door maintenance.

    Our garage door maintenance checklist undoubtedly covers all of the necessary treatments for your garage door.

    Call our team now and expect us to be at your doorsteps.

    We are also available 24/7 to attend to your emergency garage door needs.

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