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We’re Sooner Garage doors, a local company here in Oklahoma, proudly serving our community with garage door repair and maintenance services. We’re not your typical trade company though. In fact, we go as far as to say as we’re unlike any of our competitors – in a good way. When we started, we made it our mission to provide excellent workmanship, top-of-the-range components, and a fast turnaround time. All without costing the earth.

All of the team members here and fully licensed, vetted, insured, and receive industry-leading training that ensures a job done right, every time. It also means that no matter that kind, make, or model of garage door you currently have, our team is fully up-to-date with modern and traditional doors, meaning there’s nothing that can surprise us. When you choose Sooner Garage Doors, you choose a company that truly cares about you as our customer.

Perhaps your garage door is malfunctioning, not working as smoothly as it once was or your garage just needs a refresh! Our team is quick to diagnose any issues, carry out repairs then fully safety inspect your garage to ensure your peace of mind. We’ve helped literally thousands of customers revitalize their home, bringing their garage back to life. Best of all, it’s a lot cheaper than you might think.

Over the years, we’ve built invaluable relationships with just a handful of suppliers that meet our strict criteria for value, quality and performance. It’s because of these suppliers that we can confidently provide a fully comprehensive on ALL of our parts.

If you’re ready to get started or have some further questions that need answering, then why not call us today? Our team is always on-hand to help out and offer advice.

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