Garage Door Tune-up In Oklahoma City

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    Garage Door Tune-up In Oklahoma City

    Need a Garage Door Tune Up Service in Oklahoma?

    So what does a tune up include? Check out this video.

    Tune-up services are one of the essential services post-installation of the garage door.

    For many homeowners and business owners, booking an annual tune-up makes or breaks the condition of the doors in the garage.

    If it’s your first time booking an installation service, you will be more focused and excited about the doors’ design and setup.

    You will most likely pay more attention to the details of the door and not the maintenance that comes after.

    When this happens, most garage owners tend to forget the maintenance aspect after the installation.

    Avoid this mistake and save yourself early on from potential costs of damages.

    You can do this by getting a tune-up service that serves as a thorough check-up of the doors inside the garage.

    Having professionals check and assess your doors a year or two after installation can help spot minor damages and small issues that can rapidly become severe.

    The process of the tune-up service accounts for the current condition of the garage door.

    What is a better way to keep your doors in spotless condition than having technicians with years of experience giving you guidance and qualified advice?

    Sooner Garage Doors is one of the services in town that offers reliable and extensive tune-up services in town.

    Our team has given garage door tune-up in Oklahoma City to countless residents and businesses.

    Give us a call for your regular tune-up works and keep your doors durable for the following years ahead.

    Professional inspection of parts

    The first part is to check all the parts of the mechanism.

    Our technicians will perform all necessary checks to make sure that all parts are working together correctly.

    If there are problems you haven’t seen before, the inspection serves as the solution to this concern.

    Adjust tracks, cables, and springs

    There are parts of the mechanism that tend to shift and change over time.

    Due to the movement of heavy panels that guard the garage, other parts like the cables, tracks, and springs bear the stress.

    We will perform the necessary adjustments to bring back these parts to their original state and position.

    Lubricate rollers and bearings

    While some parts bear the stress and weight of the doors, others have a specific job of providing smooth movement to the door.

    The rollers glide the door panels smoothly along the tracks.

    As such, it’s necessary to keep them as moveable as possible via regular lubrication.

    Fine-tune and tweak settings of the opener

    The opener has the job of automating the movement of the door panels.

    When there are problems with the opener, e.g., overheating or wrong settings, the doors will not work the way you intend.

    We will fine-tune the condition of the opener so you will have a garage that opens without complications.

    Balance test for garage door

    Just as other parts of the mechanism move, the door panels shift around their original position.

    The balance test is to check if the door panels are aligned and steady in the tracks.

    It’s also a safety check to ensure that the doors don’t slide down fast in the tracks.

    Hardware check

    The hardware holds the entire system inside your garage together.

    If there is missing or loose hardware, there is less support for connected parts of the door.

    We will inspect and tighten all the hardware from the brackets, screws, nuts, bolts, hinges, and bearings of all parts.

    Minor repairs for small damages

    With age comes wear and tear for your garage door.

    For all minor damages and small issues that can quickly spiral into more significant problems, we will provide garage door repair in Oklahoma City.

    After the tune-up service, we guarantee that your doors are optimal for daily use without the inconvenience of potential concerns.

    Call our team for a tune-up service in town

    We are Sooner Garage Doors, and we provide you our garage door tune-up in Oklahoma City.

    If you’re looking for the next team to handle all aspects of your doors, we are the team for you.

    Our team of professional technicians has given services backed with years of experience in the field.

    You don’t need to feel concerned about services that don’t last long.

    We aim to give long-lasting tune-ups to help keep your doors in the best condition.

    We also offer our garage door installation if you decide to invest in a brand new door to your garage.

    Give us a call at any time!

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