Garage Door Track Adjustment

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    Have you ever opened a garage door then it suddenly got stuck in the middle?

    Well, there could be several causes for that and one of these is loose garage door tracks.

    The tracks are two metal pieces arranged on the two sides of the garage door.

    They function by securing the rollers, which are responsible for the garage door to open and close.

    When the tracks are not aligned properly or get loose, they have to be fixed immediately.

    Loose tracks are a very common issue in garage doors and it would be convenient if we know how to properly adjust them.

    We, the Sooner Garage Doors, would love to introduce to you these easy steps you can follow to do the garage track adjustment on your own.

    Signs that your garage door tracks need adjustment

    The best way to determine if your garage door tracks need adjustment is by observing any unusual movement or noises when the door is operating.

    Typically, a loud noise like grambling means one of the bolts or screws of the tracks are moving.

    Another sign is the door is rubbing against the molding or there is a large gap when you are trying to close the door.

    This means the door is already off-balanced because there is an unnecessary push coming from the tracks.

    Third sign is when the door is binding and it can hardly move when you try to open it either manually or automatically.

    If you notice any of these signs, your garage door tracks will need an adjustment.

    Adjusting tracks that cause gapping or rubbing

    A garage door that is rubbing against the molding or weatherstrip may result in damage to the panels.

    Check the tracks if they are misaligned.

    If positive, follow these simple steps to properly align them.

    First is to loosen the track bolts on both sides of the garage door tracks.

    Then hold the first track and move it from left to right until there is a ¼ inch gap away from the molding.

    Afterwards, do the same process on the other side track.

    When the right position is achieved, fasten the track bolts again using a wrench.

    Note that when you put back the track bolts, secure it not too tight and not too loose.

    When the bolts are secured, open the garage door to check if there is still rubbing or gapping.

    Fixing a Binding Garage Door

    The tracks are uneven if there is a binding problem.

    To fix this issue, you must unfasten the screws of the track on the left side of the garage door using a screwdriver.

    The track must hold against the garage door frame after loosening it.

    Then adjust the position of the track using a rubber mallet to tap the bottom of the track.

    Use a spirit level to accurately place the track vertically.

    When the track is perfectly aligned, fasten the track screws again.

    Repeat the process on the other track of the garage door.

    Fixing the Overhead Tracks

    The overhead tracks need adjustment when the track’s distance from the door is not the same with the distance from the wall tracks.

    This misalignment may affect the garage door’s balance.

    Before starting the adjustment, lower the garage door first and do not position yourself under the garage door to avoid accidents.

    When the garage door is lowered, you may now begin with removing the track bolts cautiously.

    Then hold the tracks and estimate its position by carefully and gradually moving it away from and close to the door.

    When you find the right distance, ask someone to hold the tracks for you to tighten back the bolts moderately.

    When to call an expert to fix your Garage Door Tracks?

    Adjusting garage door tracks is easy to do when you are handy enough and have a background with mechanical tools.

    You may call a garage door expert to do the repair if you are hesitant to do it on your own.

    Likewise, when the tracks have dents, tarnish, and broken screws or bolts, professional help may be needed.

    Weathered garage door tracks must be replaced to prevent more complications.

    In Sooner Garage Doors, we have experts who can assist you with garage door repair in Oklahoma City.

    We are also highly equipped with different products and mechanical parts that can fit any replacement needed in your garage door.

    Just give us a call!

    We are happy to accommodate and help you with your Garage Door needs.

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