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    Noises inside your garage can indicate a symptom of problems and concerns.

    While you use the garage door every day to move into and out of the garage space, always be attentive to peculiar sounds.

    These may contribute to the current condition of the mechanism after long periods of use.

    Damages quickly build up and cause more impairments to other parts of the system.

    If at first, only the rollers create noise, it may also affect the tracks’ function.

    If you observe that the opener produces sounds while the door moves, the carriage may lack lubrication and maintenance.

    Since the entire system has many parts, you may damage the whole mechanism if you don’t attend to that part that creates noise.

    When this happens, you’ll need to spend more on costly repairs and potential replacements.

    You should book for professionals to take care of the problem once you hear strange noises.

    In cases where you have your garage door making noise, give us a call.

    We are always free to check up and provide the necessary repair services.

    We are Sooner Garage Doors, and we provide high-quality repair services in Oklahoma City.

    For any noisy occasion inside your garage, we are here to help you sort it out.

    Give our team a call to start the repair and tune-up.

    There are many root causes for the strange sounds and noises you hear.

    None of them you can find out unless you perform an inspection in all the mechanism parts.

    There are several reasons and causes for this phenomenon.

    It lacks proper lubrication

    Many moving parts compose the mechanism of the doors.

    The panels that you see moving aren’t the only things moving along the tracks.

    You have the springs, cables, and the chain-drive or belt-drive of the opener.

    Without lubrication of these parts, expect the travel to create some noise.

    It’s best to get a lubrication tune-up as soon as you can to move as silently as possible.

    The opener has defects

    The opener is responsible for lifting the door panels after you command it via the remote control.

    If the opener has internal or external issues, it creates noise since it carries the panels in poor condition.

    If you don’t want to worsen the situation, call us for a garage door repair in Oklahoma City.

    We are free to inspect your opener.

    Moreover, we can fix it as efficiently as possible to prevent more severe damages from making noisy travel.

    The garage door is old

    With age comes a lot of wear and tear.

    The same goes for the doors inside your garage.

    Recall back when you had the model installed in your garage.

    If the installation dates back from decades ago without the tune-up and upkeep, you can’t prevent the mechanism from producing noise.

    It may be time to think of a brand new unit to invest in.

    Hardware doesn’t get regular maintenance

    The hardware keeps all the parts together.

    These smaller things may be invisible most of the time, but you need to tighten the hardware.

    Without the proper maintenance and inspection, loose hardware allows parts to shift around, thus creating noise.

    Book for a maintenance schedule with us and we’ll help you tighten things up.

    Maintain this every year so you will have a well-kept garage door.

    Panels are out of balance

    As the heaviest part of the system, one movement or wrong position from the panels can create noise.

    It’s necessary to keep the door panels in line and balance.

    Without performing a proper balance test, these door slabs may end up falling down the tracks, producing a loud bang inside your garage.

    Keep your door panels in place and ensure these parts stay within the tracks.

    This way, the heavy layers that guard your garage have the proper support balanced on both sides of the frame.

    Give our team a call for a repair as soon as possible!

    We are Sooner Garage Doors, and we offer our professional services to everyone in Oklahoma City.

    Is your garage door making noise, and are you looking for a quieter and smooth door operation inside your garage?

    We are more than happy to help you regain the silence in your garage.

    We offer our garage door repair in Oklahoma City to prevent these strange vibrations from waking up your neighbors.

    Give our team a call for urgent services.

    Our business is open 24/7 for all appointments and schedules.

    Our team of technicians also offers garage door installation in Oklahoma City in case it’s time you decide to retire your old doors.

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