How To Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

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    Poor garage door opener reception is a common cause of frustration among garage owners.

    Instead of operating your door from a distance, you have to drive closer or even step out of your car.

    This renders having an automatic garage door opener useless.

    If your opener struggles to receive signals from the remote, then you should have it examined right away.

    Call your trusted local garage door technician to help you determine the source of the issue.

    Expert technicians will also know how to improve your garage door opener reception.

    If you need expert garage door repair in Oklahoma City, don’t think twice and call Sooner Garage Doors.

    Our trained and licensed technicians are proficient in providing a wide range of garage door solutions.

    We also carry out our services in the safest and most efficient way possible.

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    What Affects Garage Door Opener Signal Strength

    There are many possible reasons why your automatic garage door opener cannot sharply receive signals.

    Listed below are some of these factors and how to improve garage door opener reception.

    Dead remote batteries

    Many garage owners often overlook the age of their remote battery.

    As a result, they cannot anticipate when the battery will run out of juice.

    Garage door remote batteries usually last for 3 to 5 years.

    If you’re guilty of not replacing your battery after this time, then that’s highly likely to be the cause of your poor opener connection.

    Old and dead batteries entail that the remote will not function and send signals to the opener.

    As a result, the opener will not operate because no signals are sent in the first place.

    To test if the battery is the issue, try replacing it with a new one to see if the remote will work.

    You can easily purchase batteries from the supermarket or auto parts center.

    Just pay attention to the battery type or take your existing battery with you to ensure that you buy the correct type.

    Damaged Garage Door Opener Remote

    Once you’ve changed the battery, yet the remote still won’t transmit signals to the opener, then the remote unit may be the problem.

    Like anything else, remote controllers also wear out and break after a few years.

    Damaged buttons, faulty wiring, or a broken remote unit are some indications that it’s time to throw your old remote away.

    In this case, replacing or upgrading your remote control unit is the best course of action to take.


    Anything that uses an electrical outlet or battery may impede the reception capability of your door opener.

    TV cables, LED lights, or battery chargers near your opener may prevent the opener antenna from receiving signals.

    Likewise, signal towers and satellite dishes may also obstruct the signals sent out by your remote.

    If you think this is your problem, then you can try relocating the antenna away from these interferences.

    However, this means you also have to move other garage door components.

    If you’re not careful, you might cause more damage and render your garage door operator unusable.

    For that reason, you should call a garage door repair specialist to assist you.

    Bad Antenna Positioning

    In relation to the previous issue, your antenna location also has implications for the signal reception of your opener.

    The garage door operator antenna usually hangs down from the unit so that it can distinctly detect signals.

    But, you can always install antenna extensions to improve garage door opener reception.

    This is beneficial in keeping clear of obstructions near your garage door.

    Extending your door opener antenna can also increase the range of your door operator.

    Professional Garage Door Opener Repair

    If you live in Oklahoma City, you can always count on Sooner Garage Doors for your garage door problems.

    Our technicians have extensive years of training and experience dealing with all kinds of garage door openers.

    No matter what the issue is, you can trust that our team will troubleshoot it in the most efficient manner possible.

    Furthermore, we can also help you boost your garage door range and signal reception.

    Call us anytime from Monday to Sunday for urgent garage door repair in Oklahoma City.

    Day or night, you can trust that our team is prepared to fix your residential or commercial garage door for you.

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