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    Time is always of the essence.

    For many people who work and manage their homes every day, every single second counts.

    There shouldn’t be any distraction that keeps you from working properly.

    However, the inevitable happens and you will likely experience some delays in your day.

    What happens when you encounter your garage door moving slowly?

    Any issue and slow travel can spell the moments where you come to work in time or you get a tardy mark on your attendance.

    Plus, this kind of scenario will test your patience every day.

    For this kind of concern, you need to book for professionals to fix the issue.

    The occurrence of slow-moving door panels shouldn’t hinder you from maximizing your day anymore.

    When you experience this specific concern, give our team a call.

    We specialize in providing solutions for all types and brands of doors to any garage.

    Our business, Sooner Garage Doors, is now available to provide garage door repair in Oklahoma City.

    There are many reasons that your garage door is moving slow.

    No matter what causes this hassle for you daily, it’s best to get at the root of things.

    Take the time to inspect your garage so you may have a clear picture of the situation, and call us to address the problem.

    Reasons for the slow-moving of garage doors

    There are many reasons that your door is moving slow.

    Age is not the only factor that affects the efficiency and function of the doors.

    The reason the door panels are traveling slowly may be any of the following:

    Damaged parts

    The first cause is that there are damages to other parts of the mechanism.

    With broken springs or cables, you don’t have enough support to close the door safely; hence the doors move slowly.

    Another example is you have worn-out rollers, which means the panels will less likely travel as smoothly as before.

    If there are damages to the parts in the mechanism, call us for a repair service in Oklahoma City.

    Wrong installation

    Foundation and installation are the beginning of the lifespan of your doors.

    The reason it’s better to get professionals for a garage door installation in Oklahoma City is that you can’t beat expertise to keep your doors durable.

    Wrong positions or loose parts can lead to disaster in your garage.

    Take the slow movement as a sign of other damages to the parts.

    Weather conditions

    There are many things you can’t control in life.

    The weather is one of the things you can only prepare for.

    During colder seasons, the parts of your household may submit to the colder temperatures, and your garage doors are one of them.

    Prepare your garage for the colder season, so there are no ice formations or water build-ups in any part of the system.

    DIY Repair vs. Professional Repairs

    The question now applies, “Is it better to repair by yourself?” 

    There are many resources on the internet where you can apply some methods that result in a faster-moving door.

    However, nothing beats the guarantee of professional repair service.

    Not only do you have experts who can identify and fix the problem fast.

    You also have a warranty or a reliable contact for inquiries and follow-ups.

    Imagine if you move the wrong part of the mechanism; you might end up putting yourself and the garage in danger of falling panels, breaking springs or snapping cables.

    Set a date with our team to inspect and improve the movement of your garage doors!

    We are Sooner Garage Doors, and we are with you!

    We understand the frustration of a garage door moving slow.

    With the slow movement, you may be off to a bad start in your day.

    Don’t worry as we offer our professional work to everybody who experiences this issue.

    We can repair the damaged part that causes the slow movement of the door.

    We can also install parts of a brand new door if you decide that it’s more valuable to install new doors in the garage.

    Our team has experience with all types and brands of garage doors in the business.

    We are always available at any time, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

    Set a date with our team!

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