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    No garage door is safe from a usual occurrence called malfunctioning.

    No matter how durable your garage door is, it can still become faulty at the most inconvenient times.

    When this happens, you can get stuck outside, or you won’t be able to get your car out of your garage.

    In this type of scenario, many property owners love to ask questions on why and how their garage door suddenly becomes defective.

    That’s why in this article, we will give your Garage Door Repair FAQ for you to know what exactly caused your garage door problems.

    However, if your garage issue is not included in our article, you can call a garage door maintenance specialist to help you with your problem.

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    What Will I Do If My Garage Door Is Not Functioning Properly?

    If your problem is like getting stuck in the middle part while opening, it’s a sign that your garage door has a loose wire or broken springs.

    What you need to do is try to open your garage door manually and elevate it.

    If you can lift your garage door using your hands, the culprit might be your garage door opener.

    On the other hand, if it’s too heavy to raise your garage door, check the door springs if they are in good condition.

    If not, consider contacting your trusted garage door maintenance specialist to examine the springs and replace them immediately.

    In this way, you can correctly operate your garage door again.

    Is It Recommended To Change The Whole Garage Door Even If The Damage Is Not Extensive?

    Typically, you only need to replace the whole garage door when it takes a significant amount of damage.

    However, if it only has minor injuries, you can replace the part that has been damaged.

    If you observe a very small garage door damage, you can call your trusted door technician to replace the component.

    Can I Replace My Broken Garage Door Springs?

    We highly recommend that you let the experts handle the dangerous job.

    That’s because replacing your garage door springs is very risky.

    It could lead to unnecessary accidents and could result in injuries.

    So, it’s best if you call a garage door repair service to replace your broken springs.

    In this way, they can install it correctly and safely.

    Can The Maintenance Specialists Be Able To Repair My Garage Door Problem At First Visit?

    Typically, professional garage door technicians are fully equipped before going to your area.

    In this way, they can entirely fix your garage door within the day.

    However, if the problem is too significant, it may take a while to fix your garage door issues fully.

    In that case, it might be two visits to fix your garage door entirely.

    What Will I Do If My Garage Door Opener is Malfunctioning?

    If you have this type of problem, you should check first if you have a partition console.

    That’s because the transmitter has a lock or switch button.

    Usually, an excellent-conditioned garage door indicates that it’s activated when you push the button.

    You need to push and hold the lock or vacation switch for at least five seconds for this to work.

    Afterward, release your finger at the switch.

    If this procedure doesn’t fix your problem, replace your batteries.

    When changing the batteries, be careful not to inflict or disturb anything inside the switch.

    If it’s still malfunctioning, you should call a garage door repair service to examine the issue correctly.


    We hope we’ve answered all your questions about your garage door problems.

    If you can’t find your garage door issues above, consult your trusted garage door technicians to give you various solutions.

    At Sooner Garage Doors, we have a team of professional garage door technicians who can fix all types of garage door problems.

    Rest assured that we will repair your garage door issues efficiently and promptly.

    Aside from repair service, we also have garage door installation in Oklahoma City.

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