Choosing A New Garage Door

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    If you’ve landed here, you’re probably considering a change. Maybe your current garage door is beyond repair, or perhaps you’re remodeling and want a fresh look. Whatever the reason, choosing a New Garage Door is a significant decision. Today, we delve into what you should consider, from styles and materials to insulation and cost.

    Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Garage Door


    Different materials cater to different needs, aesthetics, and budgets:

    SteelDurable, versatile design, low maintenanceCan dent
    WoodClassic look, can be customizedNeeds regular maintenance, can warp
    AluminumRust-resistant, modern designDents easily
    FiberglassDurable in coastal areas, modern finishCan break in cold climates
    VinylDurable, minimal maintenanceLimited designs


    Do you need insulation? An insulated door provides energy efficiency, reduces noise, and can be more durable. However, if your garage isn’t attached to your home or you live in a mild climate, you might skip this.


    From traditional to contemporary, you’ve got options. Moreover, specific styles, like faux wood garage doors, offer the beauty of wood without the upkeep.

    Safety Features

    If you live in an area prone to hurricanes or high winds, a reinforced door might be essential. Also, modern doors often come with safety sensors to prevent accidents.


    Of course, budget is a significant factor. Research and get multiple quotes. It’s essential to balance cost with quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

    Why Choose Us

    At Sooner Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on quality and reliability. Our experienced team offers a range of services tailored to your needs. We serve multiple areas, ensuring you get prompt and efficient service.

    Service Areas:

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    For a comprehensive understanding of what we offer, explore our garage door installation services and our commercial garage door repair.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is insulation essential for a garage door?

    Insulation offers multiple benefits. First, it can make your garage more energy-efficient, which can save on heating or cooling costs. Second, it helps in noise reduction. Finally, insulated doors tend to be more robust and durable.

    How often does a wooden garage door need maintenance?

    Wooden doors, while beautiful, need regular upkeep. Typically, you should inspect and potentially refinish or repaint them every 1-2 years, especially if exposed to harsh elements. For more on maintenance, check our garage door maintenance checklist.

    Can I install a garage door myself?

    While it’s possible, it’s not recommended. Garage doors are heavy and require precision. Moreover, improper installation can lead to issues down the line. If you’re in Oklahoma City, explore our garage door installers for professional service.

    How long does a typical garage door last?

    With proper care, it can last between 15-30 years. Factors affecting its lifespan include material, maintenance, usage frequency, and local climate.


    Choosing a new garage door is an investment in your home’s security, aesthetic appeal, and value. Taking time to consider all factors will ensure you make an informed decision that suits your needs and budget. At Sooner Garage Doors, we are here to help you every step of the way. From choosing materials to understanding insulation benefits or getting insights into the Oklahoma City real estate market impact, our team has the knowledge and expertise you seek. When you’re ready to make your move, contact us for unparalleled service and support.

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