How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

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    Usually, the door tracks help your garage door to function correctly.

    That’s because if you try operating your garage door manually, you’ll observe that your door tracks guide your garage door to function smoothly.

    However, if you find it difficult to open or close your garage door, the tracks might be misaligned.

    One reason for your misaligned door tracks is the rubbing of the ways on the rubber molding.

    If you encounter these situations, stop operating, stay away from your garage door, and contact a garage door repair service.

    In this way, you can regain the function and operate your garage door again correctly.

    Sooner Garage Doors consists of highly-skilled garage door maintenance specialists who can realign your garage door correctly.

    Our team of professional garage door repairmen has the skills and knowledge to fix most garage door problems.

    Additionally, if you need garage repair in Oklahoma City, feel free to call us.

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    On the other hand, if you can do it on your own, we provide below the simple steps to adjust garage door tracks.

    Adjusting Your Garage Door Tracks

    Your door is a vulnerable component of your garage.

    So, there could be a lot of reasons on how and why your garage door can become faulty or hard to operate.

    A garage door is considered a susceptible part of a garage.

    That’s why there can be many reasons why a garage door can become jammed or lead to difficulty in functioning.

    One reason for an off-track garage door is the corrosion on its metal part or some massive debris colliding into your garage door.

    So, if you observe the very first sign of the issue, you must try to repair it immediately instead of neglecting it.

    Adjusting your off-track garage door should be easy with the correct tools.

    So, if you’ve gathered the right equipment, follow the step-by-step procedure to restore the correct alignment of your tracks.

    Loosen The Screws Of Your Door Tracks

    If your garage door has very tight screws, ensure to loosen them using a screwdriver.

    After that, your garage door will later be joined with your door frame.

    Re-adjusting The Position Of Your Garage Door Tracks

    In this process, get a rubber mallet and gently tap the bottom part of your door tracks in an upright position.

    Afterward, if you have a spirit level, you can use that to verify if the door track is in the correct upright position for maximum effectiveness.

    Tighten Your Door Track’s screws

    After you’ve checked if the tracks are back in the vertical position, don’t forget to secure the screws.

    In this way, your door tracks will not move or tilt on the right or left side while functioning.

    Do The Same Procedure On The Other Door Track

    If you’re done adjusting the tracks, make sure to repeat the procedure on the other one.

    Get a rubber mallet again and tap the lowest part of your door track.

    Make sure that you’ve checked the correct position of this door track.

    Altering Your Door Tracks That Is Rubbing Across The Molding Area

    If you have a problem with rubbing your door tracks to the rubber molding, check below the simple steps to fix it.

    Loosen The Door Track’s Bolts

    The bolts are the one that ensures that the lower bracket of your door tracks is secured.

    To loosen them, get a wrench and untighten them carefully.

    Alter The Gap In Your Garage Door

    After doing the first step, move one of your tracks on either side until you observe that there’s one and a half-inch of space between the molding and tracks.

    Repeat the procedure on your other garage door track.

    When adjusting the space, ensure that the gap you created is the same as the other door track.

    Return The Bolts And Secure Them

    After adjusting the gap, return the bolts and secure them using your wrench.


    By following all the steps we provided above, you can easily adjust your garage door track like a professional.

    However, we highly recommend that you call an expert garage door technician if you can’t do it by yourself.

    Aside from garage door repair service, we also have Garage Door Installation in Oklahoma City.

    Set your next appointment with Sooner Garage Doors.

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