Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

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    Owners who wanted to have a safe and secured home rely on garage doors to keep their valuables safe.

    Consequently, the quality of these doors is dependent on the conditions of their parts and accessories.

    Over time, these doors are subject to wear and tear which eventually leads to a partial breakdown.

    As an owner, it is in our best interest to know that exceeding the number of opening cycles can make the doors fail.

    How can we know the degree of damage?

    Partnering with a reliable repair company can help us in making our doors move freely and effectively.

    Sooner Garage Doors offers various services including garage door torsion spring replacement.

    Also, we have certified technicians who can do repairs and installation in a short period of time.

    Now, garage door repair and installation in Oklahoma City will no longer be an issue.

    Call our customer service team and we will be happy to lend our hand in service.

    What Is A Torsion Spring?

    Technically, garage door springs are one of the most stressed and used parts of the whole garage door system.

    It is the part that carries most of the tensions exerted on the door.

    With this, springs have two types: extension and torsion springs.

    Torsion springs come in various features, models, and types.

    These springs are big metals connected or placed above the opener to assist the cable during opening and closing.

    Basically, torsion springs are into four different types.

    These types differ in capacity, size, strength, and weight.

    As a homeowner, it ideal for us to know what is the type of torsion springs to make the repair easier.

    Standard Torsion Springs

    Residential garage doors used this kind of torsion spring

    It requires a spring to complete the whole torsion spring assembly.

    Early-set Torsion Springs

    These springs have the same qualities as a standard torsion spring.

    It is in between the torsion shaft which helps in lifting the door during opening and closing.

    Steel rolling-door Torsion Springs

    Commercial or industrial properties use this type of spring; located within a torsional barrel.

    Torque-master Torsion Springs

    – This type is described to be a spring attached to the insides of the torsion shaft and kept in place within the winding cone.

    To know more about the torsion springs, it is right to know how it differs from the extension springs.

    Moreover, garage door repair in Oklahoma City will no longer be an issue when we know what type of torsion springs need a little checking.

    Sooner Garage Doors – Torsion Spring Replacement Guide

    Garage door openers open only halfway?

    Hearing unusual sounds during a garage door function?

    Then, the springs are in such serious trouble that it may be best to call an expert to deal with it.

    Yet, it can be very helpful to know what the signs that show a faulty torsion spring are.

    • The garage door opener remains shut.
    • Excessive or disturbing noises during opening and closing.
    • Excessive wear and tear.
    • The door stops midway during its function.
    • Sudden dismantling of the garage door accessories.

    The above-mentioned signs are a few of the various know-hows that can help us decide whether to have a replacement service or not.

    It is important to know that a simple or common spring issue can be the reason behind a more complex door problem.

    Thus, regular inspection and cleaning can help these doors to move effectively.

    Technically, garage door spring replacements are dangerous.

    It can be life-threatening to those who know nothing about repair and replacements.

    Therefore, knowing the right procedure and tools to use during a replacement service can be a  great help.

    Needless to say, garage door torsion spring replacement can be handy to those who lack knowledge about it.

    Now, here are the steps on how to do garage door torsion spring replacement:

    • 1. Make sure to use the right tools and materials.

    Tools: safety gloves and glasses, adjustable wrench, pliers, winding bars, clamps, hammers, electric drills, and a wrench set.

    • 2. Ensure that all valuables such as cars, motorcycles, motor scooters, or sports equipment are not in the garage during the repair.
    • 3. Close the door and use a c-clamp to ensure that the doors aren’t moving during the repair or replacement.
    • 4. Separate the well-working torsion springs from the faulty ones.
    • 5. Loosen all screws and bolts using a winding bar.
    • 6. Ensure that the material is not moving and slowly unwind the springs from the broken ones.
    • 7. Place the left or good spring in its ideal position to ensure that the new torsion spring material is in place.
    • 8. Be sure to check the condition of the cables, tracks, brackets, and rollers to avoid issues after the replacement.
    • 9. Make sure that the aluminum drums are in their right position.
    • 10. Wind the bars properly to ensure that the torsion springs are in position.
    • 11. Apply lubricants to the torsion to avoid wear and tear.
    • 12. Be sure to test the spring after replacement.

    In reality, the guide above can be handy and dangerous.

    With this, we need to partner with the right sort of people to avoid excessive replacement fees and damages.

    Also, a professional will be able to fully assess the condition of our garage doors.

    If possible, we need to schedule garage door maintenance to avoid damages to our doors.

    Sooner Garage Doors have various door services that are a great help during spring troubles.

    We have a team ready to be at your service anytime, whether day or night.

    Now, call our customer service team and we will be happy to offer our hand for replacements.

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