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    As its name implies, torsion springs use the concept of torque to help the garage door’s mechanism in opening or closing the garage door.

    When the garage door is closed, the torsion springs stretch and store energy.

    Then, when you click the garage door opener’s remote to open, the torsion springs compress and assist in lifting the garage door.

    The torsion springs are installed inside the garage at the top of the garage door.

    So, you can expect that they are under a lot of tension when the garage door is closed.

    And with frequent opening and closing, the torsion springs will experience wear and tear over time.

    In fact, you can expect the torsion springs to break first compared to the garage door components.

    Thus, today, Sooner Garage Doors will talk about what you need to know about garage door torsion spring repair.

    When to Call an Expert for a Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair?

    Note that when we talk about garage door torsion spring repair, it means garage door spring replacement.

    When your torsion springs show damage signs or deterioration, you need to replace them since they can make the other garage door parts fail sooner than expected.

    Moreover, broken springs can be a fall hazard, which can cause injuries or property damages.

    But, when exactly do you need a garage door torsion spring repair?

    Here are some of the instances:

    Slower movement than usual

    Most garage doors operate with an opener, which allows automatic closing or opening through a click of the remote device.

    When you notice that your automatic garage door moves slower than usual, then the torsion spring may have a problem.

    Check your torsion springs for anything unusual, but never attempt to do any repair.

    One mishap can lead to failure of other parts or unfortunate accidents.

    Let the garage door technicians of Sooner Garage Doors assess and repair your springs.

    Our garage door repair in Oklahoma City includes inspection and torsion spring replacement.

    We are a team of top-rated garage door technicians who can provide garage door repair and garage door installation in Oklahoma City.

    Gaps in the torsion spring’s coil

    Gaps in the torsion spring’s coil mean that the material of your garage door springs starts to deteriorate.

    Don’t panic and let a garage door technician evaluate if they are dangerous or not.

    But, to be sure, it is best to let your hired professional replace your garage door springs.

    Sooner Garage Doors provide high-quality and durable torsion springs.

    Contact our team today and ask your questions about torsion springs.

    Misaligned garage door

    One of the possible reasons for an unbalanced or misaligned garage door is wearing out torsion springs.

    Also, if you have extension springs, then one of them may have snapped.

    Extension springs come in pairs on each side of the garage door.

    It is best to replace extension springs with torsion springs for a more balanced and controlled motion.

    Luckily, Sooner Garage Doors offers garage door installation in Oklahoma City.

    Our garage door installation in Oklahoma City includes replacing your garage door’s extension springs with torsion springs.

    Team of Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Experts

    Sooner Garage Doors is a team of expert garage door technicians who provide the best garage door torsion spring repair in Oklahoma City.

    Moreover, we provide top-rated and affordable garage door installation and garage door repair in Oklahoma City.

    Our professional and well-trained garage door technicians have the complete set of tools and equipment to solve all of your garage door concerns.

    Expect us to be at your doorsteps as soon as possible.

    Ask our friendly staff for a quote, and we will gladly provide a detailed list of our garage door services.

    24/7 Garage Door Services in Oklahoma City

    Our mission is to provide a quick and convenient garage door installation and garage door repair in Oklahoma City.

    So we make sure that our team is available 24/7.

    You can call Sooner Garage Doors at your most convenient time, and we will dispatch the best and the brightest garage door technicians in the city.

    We understand the inconvenience of broken and damaged garage door parts, so don’t hesitate to call us for a detailed inspection and garage door repair in Oklahoma City.

    Excellent, high-quality, affordable, efficient, and up-to-date garage door services — that’s our guarantee.

    So book your appointment now.

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