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    Garage Door Tune-up In Oklahoma City

    Did you know that your garage door spring is one of the first components to break in your garage door system?

    A typical garage door spring lasts only for about 10,000 cycles or at least 6-7 years.

    So, you may need a garage door springs installation most of the time.

    Note that a repair is not an option once the garage door springs break since they can be a falling hazard.

    Here at Sooner Garage Doors, we are your trusted partner when it comes to a garage door spring installation.

    Our team makes sure to use high-quality and durable materials so that you can enjoy your garage door springs for a long time.

    Our garage door repair and garage door installation in Oklahoma City is always available whenever you need us.

    Types of Garage Door Springs

    As a garage door owner, you need to understand the role of the garage door springs.

    There are two types of garage door springs — extension and torsion springs.

    The extension springs are present for older garage door systems.

    They are installed on each side of the garage door connecting the tracks and a cable.

    In an extension spring system, the springs on each side must lift or lower the garage door together.

    If one of them breaks, it is better to replace both the springs to match the condition of the other and balance the garage door well.

    The other type of garage door spring is the torsion spring.

    Unlike the extension springs, torsion springs are installed at the top of the garage door.

    The length, gauge wire, and the number of torsion springs needed depend on the garage door’s weight.

    The torsion springs are the better choice nowadays since it is safer and more cost-effective than the extension springs.

    When is the Best Time for a Garage Door Spring Installation

    Not everything that works is always fine.

    That is also the case for your garage door springs, which tend to be the first ones to break in a garage door system.

    Here are some of the instances where you need a garage door spring installation:

    Outdated garage door springs

    As mentioned earlier, extension springs are already outdated.

    It is better to replace extension springs with torsion springs whenever possible.

    Or you can call for a new garage door installation in Oklahoma City that uses torsion springs.

    That way, you can avoid frequent extension spring replacement.

    Also, torsion springs are safer and support your garage door better to avoid accidents and property damages.

    Rusts are present

    Rusts are signs of deterioration of the springs, which can shorten their lifespan.

    With the presence of rust, the friction experienced by the springs’ coils increases as you open or close the garage door.

    And as it affects the performance of the springs, it may also contribute to the early failure of the other parts — such as the cables which are directly connected to the springs.

    Banging sound

    If you notice that your garage door creates a loud banging sound when you close it, it can mean that the garage door springs are failing.

    In this case, the torsion springs experience full tension, and the garage door is too heavy for the springs to carry — which causes the loud banging sound.

    You should call for a garage door repair in Oklahoma City that includes a garage door spring replacement.

    That way, you can avoid possible accidents and property damages once the garage door springs are failing.

    Trusted Garage Door Services in Oklahoma City

    If you encounter garage door problems, not only on your garage door springs but also on the other parts, you can always rely on Sooner Garage Doors.

    We are a team of dedicated and expert garage door technicians who can provide garage door repair and garage door installation in Oklahoma City.

    With our efficient and advanced procedures, expect quick and high-quality garage door services.

    Emergency Garage Door Technicians in Oklahoma City

    Sooner Garage Doors is available 24/7 to cater to your emergency garage door needs.

    Our reliable team is always ready to go at your location with the complete set of tools and equipment.

    Call our friendly staff today to know more about our garage door installation and garage door repair in Oklahoma City.

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