Garage Door Opener Installation

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    For all homes and businesses who aim to automate the function of their garage door, the opener is a necessary device for you.

    While it’s a common conception that all models and brands have an opener device, that’s not necessarily the case.

    There are still types of doors to the garage that can work without the opener.

    These types of doors are traditional and more manual.

    However, other types of doors need a door opener to open or close the garage.

    You can control the opener via a remote handheld device or the wall switch inside the garage walls.

    No matter the case, it’s essential to invest in a heavy-duty opener device as you will use it every day.

    In addition, it’s equally as important to invest in its installation service.

    While the opener is just a part of the entire mechanism, it also has other connected parts to support its function.

    You aren’t just getting an opener motor unit; you also have the carriage, driver, emergency release cord, and other smaller items.

    The opener has connected wires that run back and forth and links to a power supply so you can start the device.

    For all these concerns and necessities, we are here to offer our work to you.

    We are Sooner Garage Doors, and we provide long-lasting and professional garage door opener installation.

    If you decide to add or upgrade the opener model in your mechanism, you can book a job with our team.

    We have experience and expertise in setting up door openers from all brands in the industry.

    What happens during the installation?

    First, you decide that it’s time to get an opener for your garage.

    That’s only one part of the work.

    The next thing you need to do is book an appointment with Sooner Garage Doors, so our team can help you with the rest of the steps.


    First, our team inspects and prepares your garage before the installation.

    We need to consider things before the setup; we need to assess the power supply, space requirement, and the entire mechanism of the door.

    Most of the time, the opener device is on top of the garage in the ceiling space or extra headroom.


    Next, we assemble the parts of the device.

    If it’s your first time setting up an opener, it may be hard to put together all smaller parts of the device yourself.

    We are here to make the job more efficient and put together the parts correctly.


    As we set up the garage door opener in the ceiling, testing is necessary.

    We will test the garage reception and the function of the remote control and wall switch.

    We will also adjust the opener’s settings, i.e., travel limit knobs and force adjustment knobs.

    Why do you need experts like us to set up the opener?

    We all live in modern times where there are endless sources for Do-It-Yourself methods.

    You can do anything via a quick web search.

    How is it beneficial for you to get experts like us, Sooner Garage Doors?

    Durable installation

    We give all our services with 100% expertise and experience.

    We have given garage door opener installations for all types of openers to the garage.

    We implore only the most suitable methods of building a good foundation for your device so it can last longer than you expect.

    Lower costs

    Have you ever tried doing something and having that task backfire?

    You may end up wasting a lot of money, time, and effort to build something, especially if it’s your first time.

    We can help you lower potential costs by providing you with affordable yet long-lasting installations for your opener.

    How can you reach us?

    Now it’s time for you to get experts to help in your decision to raise and arrange the door opener in your garage.

    You may wonder, “Is there anybody reliable for an installation any day and time of the week?

    The answer is YES.

    We are Sooner Garage Doors, and we offer our services to you in Oklahoma City.

    Our services range to all garage door repairs in Oklahoma City for all damages.

    Our work also spans garage door installation in Oklahoma City for any type of door and any part you need to install.

    We are available at any time for flexible service dates and schedules.

    Give us a call so we can work together in choosing and setting up your new openers.

    It won’t take long, and you’ll have an automated garage.

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