How To Open A Garage Door Without Power From The Outside

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    Electrically operated garage doors are one of the most advanced devices that help owners to keep the garages close for a long time.

    Yet, these types of openers are not suited during power outages and black outs.

    It can be stressful on our parts when we have important commitments during the day.

    The question is, “how to open a garage door without power from the outside?”

    Luckily, Sooner Garage Doors offers various garage services that can help owners during emergency situations.

    We have equipped individuals who can do repair and replacements.

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    Power Outages and Repair

    Before doing any repair or installation, we need to ensure that the door itself is fully closed.

    Next, we have to locate the emergency release cord or the “bypass” and pull it down until we hear a loud click.

    We can now lift our doors manually and let our vehicles in or of the garage.

    Unfortunately, we experience occasional power outages that might be very inconvenient.

    With this, we can call our trusted repair guy and have our doors checked.

    Here are some tips on how to open a garage door without power from the outside:

    Locate The Bypass

    As mentioned above, the most ideal way to open a door is via emergency release cord or the “bypass”.

    The bypass serves as a back-up plan that allows the door to open during power outages.

    By bypassing the door, we are disconnecting the opener from the power source and manually lifting it.

    Of course, we can reconnect it when the power’s back, regain the door’s function, and keep it operational.

    One simple reminder, it is better to open a stuck garage door from the inside.

    It is easier to manipulate or handle the bypass when we locate it from the inside compartment.

    Close The Door During The Whole Process

    Importantly, we need to keep the door closed during the process.

    A door that is open or partially open might damage the springs or other door parts.

    Pulling the emergency handle when the door is a jar will permanently damage the device.

    When the doors stopped working, call a professional and let the doors have a quick break.

    Use Both Hands In Lifting The Opener

    It is important to use both of our hands during the manual lifting.

    Why? Once the doors are loose or out of balance, we might cause a breakdown which can be very disadvantageous on our part.

    Basically, we have to ensure that the doors are in the right position before lifting it.

    Stay In A Manual Mode

    As mentioned above, power outages happen at our least expected moments.

    That is why, experiencing such can be stressful.

    It can last for a few minutes or might last for a few days during a natural disaster.

    However, we cannot keep our garages closed for a long period of time.

    Luckily, bypasses exist to let us open our garages without being dependent on a power carriage.

    Staying in a manual mode will also help us to avoid extra damages on the device.

    Reconnect The Opener Back To The Power Carriage

    Once the power is on and stable, we can now reconnect the opener back.

    To re-engage the system, we need to pull the emergency release cord until we hear another click sound that indicates its back on.

    By using a remote or switch, we can check if it’s back on business or not.

    If the garage door opener won’t move, we might need to reset the system by switching the power off then back on.

    Doors won’t move after the reconnection?

    We might be having some glitches or power issues.

    When things are not going well, we can always call our trusted repair guy from Sooner Garage Doors.

    We can repair and even help in reconnecting the openers back to the power carriage.

    Of course, we have other garage services that can be very helpful to the doors.

    Now, garage door repair in Oklahoma City will no longer be an issue.

    Call Sooner Garage Doors and we will be on our way to serve you within the hour.

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